Upcoming Shows

Artober Fest

Ridge Road

Lackawanna, NY 14218

September 29th


3 to 8 pm

Welcome to my Website!

The eye is a window to the soul.

Let art take a stand for your human spirit.

Feel free to scroll through the art gallery below or click on the photo gallery to find something that pleases your individual mood or unique expression. 

In The Red Room

The late summer brings us such warmth. Bring it inside.

In the Distance

Beautiful dutch fall scenes are pleasantly peaceful and quiet. Summerly Sun.

Waiting for Wine

A wait for pear wine calls for patience and peace. This one looks inviting.

Two Pumpkins

These two seem to need each other. Relaxing under the wooden fence. Will you be as happy.

Spotlight on the Flag

We are happy to be an American. Display yours.

An Explosion of Color

A firework finale.

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Original Artwork

Landscapes, still life, fantasy designs in watercolor, acrylic, or oils.

Professional Photography

Portrait and family photography in your home or at a location or event.

Custom Artwork

Hand-painted art portraits in a variety of mediums of your favorite view or loved one . Great as a gift or memorial.

Specialty Designs

Unique designs for home decor. Can be custom-made to your specifications.

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All of these original artwork designs are framed and can be available for purchase.

We can adapt custom designs for your home or business.

We offer one on one personal photography sessions in your home or at your event.